Whats wrong with you?  Why do you act like that? You’re so weird.  Why do you look like that? Are you sick?  You act like you have a mind problem.
Uh, thanks. Thanks for all the compliments.  Thanks for the stares and thanks for the gossip that is more than likely done behind my back.  Yes I am sick, and you feeling the need to point it out isn’t making it any better.  You pointing it out is making it worst, not just for me but for any one else who may be struggling with any type of mental illness.  Anxiety, depression, anorexia nervosa, , schizophrenia, and so many others.
I know, these types of reactions towards you or someone you know, may make you feel uncomfortable, crippling fear, unworthy of life. But I’m here to tell you you’re wrong, whatever it is that you’re going through is OK.  Don’t worry about the negative stigma that your critics try to throw your way.   We have to find ways to overcome stigma, so we can reach our highest potential our highest self-consciousness.
Mental Illness is related to health conditions involving changes in thinking, emotion or behavior( or a combination of these).  Mental Illnesses are associated with distress and/or problems functioning in social, work, or family activities.
Mental Illness to me is just simply a disturbance in your physical realm experience, a trial such as this one brings about great teachers.  Getting caught up in the stigma sometimes slow us down and that’s fine.  Being slowed down from a fast life you may have been living before this illness was developed is a positive thing, as long as you never stop.
“It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop” – Confucius
Any trials that we go through in this lifetime, are to test our faith, make us stronger, and help us help others who may be going through something similar, know someone who is going through something similar, or for someone who will eventually come encounter with something similar. As long as you have breathe in your body, fight. Fight to help others, make it your business to be in someone else’s business when you see signs that they may be struggling with a mental illness. Make a difference while you have life here on earth and always remember you’re not alone.
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Purposeful Bre 


I’m here to shine a light on self love, love in a whole, fighting disease,
and YES i said disease for anyone who may have thought of clicking the back button because they saw that word, diseases come in so many forms, and they are killing us daily. Not just physically, but mentally as well as spiritually.


Hi my name is Andreana also known as purposefulbre and I promise im not here to fill your head up with false hopes and claims of things that I have researched on google or things that I’m just making up.  I can’t make this up, all of the things that you are reading have all come from personal experiences..My experiences have put me in a position to help others who may have been through the same thing, are going through the same thing or to those who are very caring individuals and are reading to help family or friends. If you are that someone who is reading this for someone else’s benefit, I just want to say you are beautiful, your spirit is beautiful and I hope to help all of you in every way possible.